Fuel Usage Performance data 2015  

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Generated and imported electricity data for 2015 with monthly summaries below.

This year started bright and then had a good summer but ended with the worst November and December since PV installed, total generation ended up at 1588 kWh so only just behind 2014 and better than the years 2007 - 2013. A total of 805 kWh's were imported this year, approx 50% of the amount generated by the PV. By March 6th 2015 we have generated as much as imported this year, over 2 weeks earlier than last year. Overall we ended up at virtually 100% of 1600kWh target.(see monthly data chart) Also gas usage data below, 2015 was well down due to the very mild winter annual total just 2,964 kWhs.

2015 Stats

total recorded generation in 2015 = 1588 kWh's

Best week = 56 kWhrs ... Best day = 11 kWhrs


Electricity comparison generated / imported (graph-weekly data)

Weekly electricity generation comparison (graph)

Weekly PV generation data table 2015

Cumulative generation 2015

Daily PV data 2015 graph

Weekly gas usage graph 2004-2015 (log burner installed Sept 2008)

Weekly electricity imports graph 2004-2015

2015 Monthly details:-
January -A sunny month and best January generation to date (58 kWh, avg 48 kWh)
February - Came out just above average generation (75 kWh, avg 73 kWh)
March - This month also came out just above average generation (139 kWh, avg 135 kWh)
April - This month was only just off being the best April to date at 220 kWh (best was 223 kWh, avg 180 kWh)
May - This month came out just above average generation despite feeling quite cool and wet (201 kWh, avg 197 kWh)
June - This month came out above average generation (222 kWh, avg 209 kWh) and continues the trend of every month this year being above average so far.
July - This month started very hot but ended up below average generation (199 kWh, avg 206 kWh).
August - This month was quite wet and overcast so ended up well below average generation (161 kWh, avg 180 kWh).
September - This month was very sunny and warm, so ended up second best Sept for generation. Only beaten by Sept 2005 at 171 kWh (this month 165 kWh, avg 149 kWh).
October - Despite several very overcast weeks this month came out just below average (95 kWh, avg 99 kWh).
November - The worst Nov since system installed, very cloudy and mild so only 50% of average figure generated (29 kWh, avg 58 kWh), previous worst Nov total was 46 kWh.
December - Another very cloudy and wet month so the worst Dec since system installed. Generated 26 kWh, avg 40 kWh).