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Generated and imported electricity data for 2011. This year came close to the annual total with 1578 kWh generated and a total of 911 kWh's were imported this year, approx 58% of the amount generated by the PV.
By 1st April we had generated more than imported.

Monthly summary details:-
January saw an average amount generated compared to previous years (45kWh),
but February was very overcast giving the lowest output for the last 6 years (55 kWh).
In contrast March has been the best March recorded so far (157kWh).
April has been another sunny month with the second highest April total for us (204kWh). (2007 was the best year-223 and then the amount generated fell)
May turned out the best for the last 6 years (210kWh) only beaten by 2005.
June was fairly wet to start with but improved towards the end (201kWh), but it still ended up being the second worst June only slightly better than 2007.
July turned out to be the worst since my records began in 2004 with 181 kWh, about 20 kWh below average.
August despite feeling very overcast came out not far below average (164kWh)
September started and finshed very sunny so came out above average (156 kWh)
October was only 1 kWh off being the best October so far (115kWh) Oct 2010 being the best, It was a very warm and quite sunny month generally
November came out just below average but the best since 2007 (55 kWh)
December came out just below average (36 kWh)
Overall we ended up at 99% of target just 22 kWhrs below target of 1600 kWhrs.(see monthly data chart)
To end the year as the best since 2007

2011 Stats

total recorded generation in 2011 = 1578 kWh's

Best week = 60 kWhrs ... Best day = 10 kWhrs


Electricity comparison generated / imported (graph-weekly data)

Weekly electricity generation comparison (graph)

Weekly PV generation data table 2011

Cumulative generation 2011

Daily PV data 2011 graph

Weekly gas usage graph 2004-2011 (log burner installed Sept 2008)