Fuel Usage Performance data 2010  

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Generated and imported electricity data for 2010. This year came close to the annual total with 1562 kWh generated and a total of 951 kWh's were imported this year, approx 60% of the amount generated by the PV. By mid April we had generated more than imported.
2010 summary - after a very good April, May got off to a disappointing start but the weather improved with June giving the highest total for June since system installed. July turned out to be fairly average for that month, but August was very poor compared to most previous years. A monthly pattern is emerging with Sept being the inverse to Oct each year. We recorded our first ever week of 0 kWh's in December. Overall we ended up at 98% of target just 38 kWhrs below target of 1600 kWhrs.(see monthly data chart)

2010 Stats

total recorded generation in 2010 = 1562 kWh's

Best week = 70 kWhrs ... Best day = 11 kWhrs


Electricity comparison generated / imported (graph-weekly data)

Electricity generation comparison (graph)

Weekly PV generation data 2010

Cumulative generation 2010

Daily PV data 2010 graph