Fuel Usage Performance data 2006  

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Electricity generated and imported data for 2006. This was the best year for generation so far 1640kWh's in total and a total of 800 kWh's were imported this year, just under half the amount generated by the PV. By 8th April we had generated more than imported.

2006 Stats

total generated in 2006 = 1640 kWh's

Best week = 67 kWhrs ... Best day = 11 kWhrs


Annual comparisons PV data & imported electric graph

Weekly PV generation data

Weekly PV generation & imported electric graph

Cumulative generation

Daily PV data graph

July saw the best PV generation results so far with a minimum of 9kWh generated per day for 10 consecutive days from 11th - 20th July (see graph below). By contrast Christmas week (23rd-29th Dec )was the worst with only 4 kWh generated all week
Generated kWhrs