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This page gives details of the 3.67kWp system using 10 Sanyo 180w HIT(now Panasonic)PV panels and 6 Sunpower 327w panels all connected via power optimisers to a Solaredge grid connect inverter.
Total generated to date (from 3-3-04) = 40,398 kWh

Total generated in 2022 =2,277 kWh (updated weekly)

Last week total 97 kWh, Best week so far = 141 kWh, Best day so far = 25 kWh
(weekly average amount imported = 88 kWh, last week = 36 Kwh) Click the following for 2022 data
daily kWhrs and Weekly kWhrs table and Cumulative totals graph and Monthly comparison data graph last couple of years with 1.8kWp system shown for reference and 2005-2016 historical monthly data graph and Annual comparison graph (data from 2015 onwards again for reference) and Weekly Import v Generated totals graph .

Data up to 2016 below was for 1.8kWp system which was expected to produce 1600 kWh. The 6 new Sunpower panels installed by B-line have expanded system to 3.67kWp and should produce 3447 kWh.

The table below compares the monthly generation against the PV-GIS predicted output. Red figures are below predicted level and green figures are above.

Annual total generation (% compared to PV-GIS)

2021 generated 3442 kWhrs (96%)
2020 generated 3740 kWhrs (104%)
2019 generated 3545 kWhrs (99%)
2018 generated 3655 kWhrs (102%)
2017 generated 3403 kWhrs (95%)
2016 generated 1546 kWhrs (97%)
2015 generated 1588 kWhrs (100%)
2014 generated 1595 kWhrs (100%)
2013 generated 1526 kWhrs (95%)
2012 generated 1514 kWhrs (95%)
2011 generated 1578 kWhrs (99%)
2010 generated 1562 kWhrs (98%)
2009 generated 1531 kWhrs (96%)
2008 generated 1547 kWhrs (97%)
2007 generated 1619 kWhrs (101%)
2006 generated 1640 kWhrs (102%)
2005 generated 1619 kWhrs (101%)

A Powerflow Sundial battery storage unit was fitted on 18th March 2016 together with a meter to measure how much comes out of the battery into the home. This data will be updated weekly. In 2016 it saved me approx 20% to 25% of weekly import - see graph of import comparison over last 6 years - until Dec when weekly import went up as the result of charging our electric car. Monthly output graph.

The unit has a display to show if we are importing, exporting and how much battery power is being used. It automatically charges and discharges throughout the day depending on whether we are generating excess or importing electricity. And will switch during the day when import exceeds generation to suppliment PV output then when load drops will revert to charging itself again to maximise the benefit of the battery.

I am signed up to the
Good Energy Home Generation programme (the feed in tariff is now closed to new applications) in which they pay me for ALL generated units and I don't need a separate Export meter installed as they estimate the amount I export as being 50% of generation. The Feed in Tariff replacement scheme is the Smart Export Guarantee which requires a smart meter which can measure import and export, but you are only paid for the electricity that is exported. Our house has featured in 2 national magazine articles, Click on magazine name to view article Organic Life and New Consumer

  PV system balance of components pictured below. Left picture shows original inverter with DC disconnect below left and AC output through data transmitter & AC spur on right. Centre photo Readouts for Hot water Temp (top) & Watts / kgCO2 / kWhrs (below). Right photo shows new inverter for extended system.  
Annual records since system installed :-

Energy usage / PV performance data 2004. . Energy usage / PV performance data 2005

Energy usage / PV performance data 2006. . .Energy usage / PV performance data 2007

Energy usage / PV performance data 2008. . .Energy usage / PV performance data 2009

Energy usage / PV performance data 2010. . .Energy usage / PV performance data 2011

Energy usage / PV performance data 2012. . .Energy usage / PV performance data 2013

Energy usage / PV performance data 2014. . .Energy usage / PV performance data 2015

Energy usage / PV performance data 2016. . .Energy usage / PV performance data 2017

Energy usage / PV performance data 2018. . .Energy usage / PV performance data 2019

Energy usage / PV performance data 2020. .Energy usage / PV performance data 2021